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  • What is Life Coaching?
    Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client where the focus is on the client’s goals. This can include goals such as: excelling in the workplace, becoming fulfilled in relationships, exploring potential, managing health conditions and achieving life ambitions.
  • How is Christian Life Coaching different?
    The distinction between a Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach generally is that God is involved. Scripture, prayer, and hearing from the Lord should all be interwoven into the process. It is an ongoing prayerful partnership between coach and client, and the process is Christ Centered goal-orientated.
  • What is a Certified Life Coach?
    A certified life coach is a trained professional credentialed coach who has extensive training and experience certified by a recognized professional life coaching organization.
  • How is Coaching different from Counseling?
    Coaching helps clients move forward to achieve their goals. The clients have either healed from past wounds and are ready to move forward or they are already healthy and need help deciding what’s next. Counseling help clients heal from issues in the past and focuses on diagnosis of illness and a setting up a treatment plan to follow.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost varies anywhere from $75.00 - $300.00 per session depending on the kind of coaching, duration and if the cost is included in a package.
  • Do I have to come to an office?
    No. Many of our clients are from out of town and we use an internet video platform to meet with them virtually.


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