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What our clients have to say about us

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Coaching with Mary has helped me move toward my goals, both personal and professional. Her questions often prompted me to think more deeply about the direction I wanted to take. Mary always provided space for me to process, and she helped me to untangle my thoughts so I could move forward with confidence. I left every call with new insight and actions that moved me toward my goals. I highly recommend working with Mary if you want a compassionate coach who will also provide just the right amount of challenge to help you grow.

                                                                                                                         – Therese F

I have had the privilege of seeing Chris develop into a fantastic coach and also into a friend. I recommended him to coach my own son and so I wholeheartedly recommend him to you.

                                                                                                                          - Rev. Tom F

Mary has been my Life Coach for over 3 years. I have been through many challenging things during this time and Mary is always very compassionate and gives me Biblical principles to process through in my decision making. My life has been full of attempting to carry “backpacks” that aren’t mine to carry. She has walked me through this and has helped me understand what my part is and what is not mine. I am learning to pray about things as they come up and not just react to them. Mary is a blessing! 

- Jill P

What has this coaching experience taught me? That’s a question I ask myself. I have grown so much in my faith and working through the valley’s I have been in. The growth that has been happening is still happening, It’s amazing to see how God works and what his word says to us. He wrote a love letter that he wants me to read to see how to love not only myself but those around me. This coaching experience has challenged me so much and helped shape me to be able to talk and work through each situation that was harder to process. I’m very grateful to have Mary, a wonderful coach, to help me and pray with during each session.

                                                                                                                              – Ana M

Throughout my 3 years of life coaching with Mary, God has used her to speak His truth over fears and anxieties in my life. What I have learned throughout the coaching process has helped me blossom into a confident woman after His own heart. Mary has walked with me through some of my biggest life changes, and has helped me to lean into God's faithfulness throughout it all.

- Emily R


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